Submit a Specimen

1. Select Requisition

Select the appropriate requisition form to use and complete per the instructions:

Consultation Requisition
Cancer Type

If you are not sure which requisition form to use, please contact PhenoPath at 888-927-4366.

Specimen Requirements

2. Package

Place the following in the appropriate transport kit

  1. Completed PhenoPath requisition form
  2. Copy of pathology report(s) that corresponds to specimen(s)
  3. Copy of any other relevant clinical data/reports (previous and presumptive diagnosis, pertinent medication/recent treatment, including dates of therapy)
  4. Copy of current/previous flow cytometry and/or cytogenetics reports for hematopathology cases
  5. Billing instructions and applicable information
  6. Specimen(s) for testing/consultation
  7. H&E of specimen to be tested, if possible or applicable

Contact PhenoPath for shipping supplies including pre-paid air bills.

3. Ship

Place transport kit in FedEx diagnostic overpack and seal. Complete and attach air bill. Call FedEx (1-800-GoFedEx) to schedule pick-up or have your package picked up with your regularly scheduled FedEx pick-up

For additional shipping instructions click here