Diagnoses you can count on®

PhenoPath, a Quest Diagnostics® company, helps you see a clearer path forward for the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of your cancer patients. Built on a foundation of academic and medical excellence, PhenoPath pathologists will work with you to bring new insights to your most difficult cases. Some of the specialized services we offer include PD-L1 interpretation, flow cytometry (10-color), FISH, PCR, cytogenetics, and special stains. PhenoPath is here for you when you need a diagnosis you can count on.

Collaborative diagnosis

  • A network of pathologists, hematopathologists, and medical experts
  • Works collaboratively across the network to facilitate case review

Comprehensive test menu

  • Menu includes IHC, Immunofluorescence, FISH, FLOW, PCR, cytogenetics, and next-generation sequencing
  • Supported by the full Quest Diagnostics test menu

Dedicated customer partnership

  • Dedicated PhenoPath customer service line—1.888.92.PHENO (1.888.927.4366)—and email— Lab@PhenoPath.com

Peer-reviewed expertise

  • Regular thought leadership and invaluable insights in peer-reviewed publications
  • Dedicated to advancing critical innovations in cancer diagnostics

Specialized insights

  • Specialize in gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, genitourinary, hematology, and molecular pathology
  • Extensive experience with the interpretation of PD-L1 and flow cytometry (10-color)

Developing the future of diagnostics

  • Optimization and validation services for use in biomarker discovery, drug development, diagnosis, and clinical trial applications on human, animal, and xenograph samples
  • More than 20 years of experience